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Has the Time Come For You To
Be Your Own Boss? 
Hey, Jordan here.

Have you noticed how fewer and fewer people are settling for a traditional "job"?

It's not that jobs suddenly became less attractive...  it's that having a job has always sucked, for all kinds of obvious reasons.

What's changed in 2017 is that now it's insanely easy to start running your own online business.

For a lot of people this shapes up as the only sane way forward. Why on Earth would you want a job...

... if you can work for yourself and write your own paycheck.

It used to take balls (excuse my French) to start your own business, especially online. You would need a whole team just to get started.

In 2017, we live in a different world. So many aspects of running a business are now automated... leaving you to focus on the big picture.

That's why traditional jobs are on the decline...

... while "average Joes" are becoming multimillionaires overnight as solo entrepreneurs.

Do they have something you don't? Well... yes and no. They lucked out. They knew what to do even though they likely had no previous training.

The good news is - it is a learned skill. Yes, some people have it naturally (unfair, I know), but everyone can learn how to make good money online.

There's just one risk, though...

Most Beginners Unknowingly Become Victims of Information Overload!

There's so much information on building an online business out there!

The hidden danger is... the more you learn, the less confident you become in your abilities. If you've bought other products on making money, I'm sure you know the feeling.

The good news is this is only an illusion. You're probably already good enough. 

When you're only working with theory, you distance yourself from the real world. When that's the case, it's only natural to feel insecure.

As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to thrive on actual, real-world feedback.

It's painful when you have so many theories and then reality hits you. That's why most newbies choose to fantasize instead of just DO! It just sounds so much easier and safer in theory.

Here's more good news - the pain from facing reality is temporary. It will soon subside...

... only to be replaced by exhilaration when you realize you can actually do this.

You just needed someone to spring you into action all along.

You see, most "gurus" have no material use to see you succeed. They would much rather have you be scared of the real world, consuming more and more information...

... while giving them more and more MONEY.

What if there was a way to push through all the junk information out there?

What if the truth about creating an extra income online was simple? (maybe even creating an income large enough to quit your job)

What if it's not easy, it doesn't happen overnight and it takes some work...

... but with the right system in place it's doable by anyone?
Introducing "Online Income Blueprint" (OIB)
OIB is a time-tested system, that doesn't promise miracles. It doesn't have the secret teachings that millionaires use to become multimilionaires.

It also can't add $10,000 a month to your income overnight, sorry!

Where OIB shines is in turning people with zero experience in marketing...

... into people, who can call themselves marketers with pride. People, who at the very least have a cozy extra income stream in their budget.

Here's what you're in for when you start your OIB journey:

Module 1 - Introduction

The baby first steps on your journey. Learning the theory that most aspiring marketers never bother to learn...

... so they become like a tree without roots, jumping from one money-making scheme to the next one.

Theory won't make you rich, but it will save you from making costly mistakes you can avoid. In this module, you will:

- find out what it means to have an online income
- discover how having an online income is among the best things you can do for yourself
- find the type of continuity income that best fits your desires

Module 2 - Email Marketing Wizardry

E-mail is the most personal way you can connect with people. This makes it your biggest asset. Smart marketers know how to write a captivating e-mail.

- discover the A to Z guide to creating your own squeeze page (this is how you will collect people's e-mails)
- find out how to sell to people via e-mail and make them happy you did (people usually hate being sold and will unsubscribe if you piss them off)
- discover a simple trick to put your e-mail marketing on autopilot while still enjoying the profits

Module 3 - CPA Offers Demystified

CPA stands for "Cost per acquisition". A lot of companies and businessmen will pay you good money for every client you send their business.

The company does the service, you just pocket their money. Sounds nice, doesn't it? This module will teach you to find CPA offers that actually make money.

- Understand the nature of CPA offers (and why they're so profitable)
- Discover how to take on CPA deals that work for you (not just for the company that offers them)
- Learn the etiquette in communicating with your affiliate manager and how to best use his help to get results

Module 4 - Fixed Term Memberships

Membership sites are a way to add some hard money to your monthly earnings. As the name suggests, with this approach people pay you for access to your site.

The beauty is that you do the same amount of work when you have 10 members... and when you have 1,000+.

- understand the inner workings of a membership site
- discover what keeps people coming back every time (paying you again and again for access)
- learn how to attract new members (who will keep giving you money for years to come)

Module 5 - Money Through Network Marketing

Network marketing is another great way to create a passive income for yourself. It may or it may not be the best way for you to get rich. If it is, though, it can change your life.

You cannot afford to miss out on finding out at least the basics of network marketing.

- Discover how to choose the right MLM companies
- Set up your marketing in a way that creates passive income
- Learn to scale your MLM business in a way that may lead to quitting your job
Module 6 - Keys to Traffic Generation

No matter the product/service you have, you need to get people to see your offer. This is where ability to generate traffic comes in handy.

Instead of paying massive amounts of money for Facebook Ads, why not work smarter?

- discover the underground techniques for traffic generation that few people know to use
- learn how to build and elevate your brand along with getting traffic (effectively making your growth exponential)
- master the well-known ways of getting traffic as well
Module 7 - Epilogue
Building a profitable online business is just the beginning. Once you hit the $1000+/month mark or even $500/month, there should be only one question on your mind.

"How do I scale?"

Unless you’re in a premium niche, scaling is where the real money lies. This module gives you a taste of what’s yet to come once you have a profitable online business.

If you’re fed up with being bombarded with information…

… and not knowing where to start,  then…

The "Online Income Blueprint"
Is For YOU!
When you buy the "Online Income Blueprint", you become a part of the IM movement toward more freedom, better lifestyle and writing your own paycheck. I guarantee that some day you will look back and be thankful you did.

This course gives you the gist of what you need to know to start doing business online. No fluff, just time-saving advice.

How much do you think it’s worth to have someone take you by the hand…

… and then explain to you the ins and outs of online marketing?

Most of today’s successful marketers never had this luxury - they simply couldn’t afford it.

Any marketer worth their salt would charge you somewhere between $750 to $5000 to give you almost the same information you’ll find in the "Online Income Blueprint".

It would then be reasonable for me to ask for that kind of money. Instead, I decided to do something different.

I decided to make it easy for you to change your life… for now. Until I reconsider, which will happen without prior notice…

…  I’ll be pricing the GCI course at the stupendous price of $37. That’s less than what you would pay for a meal at a decent restaurant.

At this price, I have full confidence you’ll make the right choice.

Should you decide to skip on this offer, then I can safely assume you were never cut out for this anyway. My conscience is clear, I did all I could.

A lot of people seem content with having a “normal” job and no extra source of income. I don’t blame you if you’re one of them.


 … if you choose to embark on this journey, then I promise you I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’ll help you…

... avoid costly mistakes that waste your time and money

… find shortcuts to success that most people only learn through trial and error

… point you to the best sources of information and help you continue your education (surprisingly, some of them are actually free!)

If this sounds like a deal you’d want to be part of, please take advantage of it now. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep selling OIB for this stupidly low price of $37.

I don’t want you to come here a few days (or hours!) from now...  finally ready to start your journey… only to find the price has reverted to the usual $297 per copy.

Besides, you have no more time to lose. It’s still early enough to get into online marketing and find niches with very little to no competition.

It’s still easy to grow your company in a way that any new competitors will find it hard to ever catch up to you.

I have to admit, pricing the OIB course at $37 is a psychological trick on my end.

It’s designed to make you aware of how much you’re willing to sacrifice to create online success for yourself.

If you’re not willing to pay forty bucks for this information, then I don’t want your money anyway. If you don’t want an additional income bad enough, this course is not for you.

On the other hand, if you understand that $37 is nothing compared to the hundreds or even thousands of dollars of extra monthly income you can generate in your spare time…

… then you have the makings of a marketer and a businessman. You just need to build on them and the "Online Income Blueprint" will give your energy the right outlet.

You have to spend money wisely in order to make money. The OIB course will teach you how to do exactly that… at a small fraction of the price you would normally pay a consultant.

Grab Your Copy Of
The "Online Income Blueprint" Now!

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through paypal...
Note: This offer is only valid for a limited time at this price (at 82% off). As soon as the timer runs out, the price will return to $197.
As long as the red timer is running, you're still eligible for your discount when you click the red button above.
P.S. You guys are buying way more copies of OIB than I expected. I'm not going to pull this offer right away, but I am going to set a timer. When the timer runs out, no more discounts. :)

P.P.S. For anyone, who hasn’t yet bought the "Online Income Blueprint" - you have been warned.
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